St.Mary's Catholic Church, Uttoxeter
Sacred Heart, Abbots Bromley

Sunday: Twelfth Sunday in ord’ time Year A
Weekday Lectionary: 12th week in ordinary time. Year 1


Saturday 24th June (W) Nativity of St John the Baptist
9.30 MP with Mass - Exposition and Confessions from 10.15 – 10.45

Sunday 25th June – (G)
Uttoxeter 9.30 Mass
Abbots Bromley 11.30

Monday 26th June – (G)
**9.15 Morning prayer with Mass

Tuesday 27th June (G)
9.30 Morning prayer with Mass

Wednesday 28th June (R) St Irenaus
9.30 MP with Mass in church
16.00 Abbots Bromley Exposition, Rosary and Holy Communion

Thursday 29th June (R)
Holy day of Obligation Saints Peter and Paul - Solemnity
** 9.30 Mass in School
12.00 noon Mass in Abbots Bromley
19.00 Mass - Uttoxeter

Friday 30th June (G)
9.30 Morning prayer with Mass

Saturday 1st July (R) St Oliver Plunkett
9.30 MP with Mass Exposition and Confessions from 10.15 – 10.45

Sunday 2nd July – (G)
Uttoxeter 9.30 Mass
Abbots Bromley 11.30 – Victims & families affected the recent Manchester bombing etc. (RP) **Hednesford – from 2pm (See below)**


Please remember those who anniversaries occur at this time:
Mary Morris, Catherine Lander, Alfred Bull, Daniel Draycott, Agnes Smith, John Moore, George Archer, Florence Lawley, Maureen Plows, Father Fabian Edwards, Elizabeth Bruckshaw, Ronald Foster, George Gernon, Michael Morris and Alice Smith.


Decide what you are going to do when you pray - e.g. which prayer to select to say slowly and lovingly; or which passage from the Bible to read prayerfully.  Sometimes use your own words; sometimes just be still and silent.  Follow your inclination.
Third golden rule on prayer, Basil Hume OSB.


11am Sunday 23rd July at St Chad’s Cathedral, Birmingham B4 6EU

All APF helpers are invited to this annual Mass. If you would like to attend please let Mary Buckley know by the beginning of July. Poster at the back of church.

The mass is a thanksgiving to all who are involved or support the work of Missio’s Association for the Propagation of faith and the Mill Hill Missionaries, which are generously sustained by through the proceeds of the red box.

The main celebrant will be Bishop Bernard Longley.

Tea and coffee will be served afterwards with a chance to have a chat with Missionaries, Staff and other red box supporters as well as view some of the overseas work that has been enabled.


Salvation Army Food Bank
Many thanks for the donations of basic foodstuffs, and cash, last weekend.  


Request for boxes
Between now and August if you have any medium sized card board boxes please bring them to church to assist Father Thé with his packing!


*** Thank you ***
A very big thank you to those who brought tools for World Aid – greatly appreciated and they are now on their way to their final destination!


The response to the Psalm ‘Lord in your great love, answer me’ – the organist will play the response, cantor will sing it, then everyone will then sing it, and repeat the response after each verse.


The Eucharist
"Our Eucharistic faith makes us see the world around us differently - with reverence for God's creation and especially with love for God's image in every man and woman. The Eucharist opens our eyes so that we see one another with love and we treat all God's creatures with love.  And this always begins in prayer, especially the prayer of adoration before the Blessed Sacrament, when looking at Our Lord makes us look with greater compassion and understanding at others".  
From Archbishop Bernard's  Pastoral  Letter for Corpus Christi.


Next weekend: Diocesan Pilgrimage in honour of Our Lady of Lourdes, Hednesford
Sunday, 2nd July
Visit and pray at the Grotto 2.00 - 3.30pm
Sacrament of Reconciliation 2.15pm
Rosary and Hymns 3pm
Mass and Anointing of the Sick 4pm. Chief Celebrant Archbishop Bernard. 

Refreshments available in Parish Hall from 1pm. 

If you are at all interested please see Stella or Veronica after Mass or phone 01889 500301.   This is our own local Diocesan Lourdes pilgrimage.


Please pray for all the housebound and the sick especially:
Parishioners: David Roberts, Kate and Alan Greensmith, Sybil Ottewell, Ann Wilks, Agnes Bradbury, Margaret Mitchell, Marie Sowter, Ronald Carter, James Lander, Jean Doudican, Brenda Hammersley, Angela Dartnell, Joan Mern, Pat Edwards, Kath Adams, Leanna Hudson, Josie Goodwin, Ann Campbell, Joyce Kinder and Mary Copestake.

Clergy, friends and relations: Father Fred, David Scott, Ruby Gaskin, Doreen Jones, Louise Roberts, Abi Howard, Nora Freeman, Molly Inskip, John Parsons, Anne Bignell, Julie Broadbridge, Hannah Oakes, Roy Kerby, Beth Munroe, Anthony Warren, Joseph Edginton, Rev’d John Richardson, Jane Meehan, Rod Whiston, Christopher Brown, Margaret Walker, Jenny Warrallo, Kath Pym, Rachel Rushton, Brenda Smith, Dec Sweeney, Mary Hackett, Jan Spooner, Isabelle Blake, Maisie Bulmer, Felicity Dormer, Chris Hart, Ann Caravan, Bakeem and Tony Rigby.


Vocations Prayer Rota
Week beginning 26th June
Mon. D&M Munroe
Tues. A. Dartnell
Wed. G. Buckley
Thurs. M. Buckley
Fri. St Joseph’s School
Sat. E. Finch
Sun.11th S. Herbert


Collection information
On Sunday, 25th June there is a second collection for Peter’s Pence

Uttoxeter and Abbots Bromley collection Day For Life
£222.25 incl. G.A. £107.70


*** A Staffordshire Martyr ***
This year the Mass for Blessed Robert Sutton, Staffordshire martyr, will be on Saturday, July 8th, at 10 am at St Thomas’ Mill Farm in Baswich ST18 OZJ, near Stafford. 

The early date (the Memorial is on July 27th according to the Ordo) is to avoid clashing with St.Austin's pilgrimage to Walsingham. 

In view of the earlier time of the Mass there will be no service in Uttoxeter that morning.

The Mass is held in a white washed barn with a rustic cross above the altar. The atmosphere is wonderful and prayerful. Tea, coffee, and home-made biscuits are served afterwards.

Robert Sutton was born in Burton-on-Trent about 1544, and baptised in St Modwen's Parish Church on 11 September 1545. His father was a carpenter. He was ordained an Anglican minister in 1566 and took the degree of M. A. from Christ Church, Oxford, 9 July 1567. He and became Rector of Lutterworth, Leicestershire, on 17 June 1571. He was converted to Catholicism by his younger brother William, who later became a Jesuit.

With his younger brother Abraham, who matriculated from Hart Hall in 1576, aged 25, he arrived at Douai, 23 March 1576. They were both ordained sub-deacons at Cambrai in September, deacons in December, and priests in the following February. They left for the English Mission on 19 March 1578. Robert and his brother Abraham were arrested, imprisoned, and banished in 1585.

Robert returned to England and was arrested while saying Mass at Stafford. He was condemned for being a Catholic priest. He was martyred at Gallows Flat, Stafford on 27 July 1588. Sentenced to be hanged, drawn and quartered, he was cut down still alive, and while attempting to stand, his head was cut off with a blow to the mouth. 

His relic is held in the altar of Our Lady of Victories Church, Lutterworth

Drive from Uttoxeter to Stafford going through Weston. On reaching the outskirts of Stafford turn left at the roundabout and go past the crematorium and straight down across the traffic lights. Just before the river there is a right angled turn to the right. On that bend is an entrance on the left. Turn hard left and go down to the parking by the barn. Enlarged map at the back of church


Saint Mary's, Uttoxeter and Sacred Heart, Abbots Bromley
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